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Custody disputes may be the most complicated and emotional part of any family case. At Colorado Law Group, our experienced custody attorneys are skilled at litigating custody issues, such as restricting parenting time, instituting supervised visitations, and addressing abuse or neglect concerns. As part of the firm's personalized approach, our custody attorneys carefully review the client's circumstances and the need for expert testimony from child & family investigators, psychologists, or medical professionals. Whatever the situation, our legal team is prepared to lend competent advice as to all available options.

Custody or Parental Responsibilities Issues

Custody or parental responsibility disputes vary widely from one case to the next as each family and child are unique. Based on our experience as Denver child custody lawyers, we have developed a process of assessing issues early on and monitoring those over the course of each case. Our custody attorneys focus on the following concerns-- who would the children live with, who would make major decisions about them, and how much parenting time would the non-custodial parent have. In turn, our custody attorneys file actions to safeguard children from imminent danger or enforce visitation orders.

Modification of Parenting Time

Colorado law provides for modifying parenting time based on various circumstances and legal standards. Specifically, moderate changes to parenting time are subject to the 'best interest of the child' test and the 'endangerment' standard is used whenever the primary care of a child is allocated from one parent to the other. In emergency actions seeking immediate relief, courts consider whether there is 'imminent danger' to the child's physical or emotional well-being. In cases of geographic relocation of a child, the parenting time may be modified to reflect the child's best interest.

Enforcement of Parenting Time

Our custody attorneys believe in strong advocacy for parents. Over the course of our practice, we have seen many cases involving violations of the court-ordered parenting time. In turn, we have developed solutions to timely restore parenting time and curtails such violations thereafter. C.R.S. 14-10-129.5 provides various options to aggrieved parents which may include award of attorney's fees and cost against the violating parent. In addition these types of relief, parenting and decision-making violations are subject to contempt of court actions to protect the rights of parents. In many cases though, parenting time may need to be modified to better address changes in the parties' circumstances.

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